One-fifth of American children murdered in sacrifice to Satan

Satan claims the blood of one-fifth of U.S. babies.From the early days of human history until now, Satan has demanded the sacrifice of children. In the Old Testament, the people passed their children through the fire in sacrifice to Molech. In modern times, people sacrifice their children through a ritual called “abortion.” The urgency that demands the blood of the most innocent among us has become so great that one of the two major American political parties has become inextricably involved with the killing of children.

A Disturbing Legacy

Since the Supreme Court established abortion as the law 1973, the blood of the innocent American blood has flowed in sacrifice to Satan and in defiance to God. Although insidious Progressives ushered in the practice to curtail the growth of the black community, abortion has affected every demographic group and stifled native population growth.

A Tragic Choice

In the name of women’s choice, millions of talented leaders, businesspeople, workers, scholars, entrepreneurs and parents have been sacrificed to Satan rather than dedicated to God. An innumerable host of sons and daughters have been murdered and subsequently discarded into trash bins and incinerators instead of being born, loved and raised into productive human beings.

A Statistical Nightmare

The Centers for Disease Control say that more than 18 percent of all pregnancies in the US end in abortions, according to the LA Times. That’s almost one-fifth of all children conceived. Despite a statistical decline in the number of abortions performed over the past few years, mothers murder about 1 million children annually ritually murdered as the nation attempts to please Satan. What a horrible price to pay.

The Real Choice

Truth in the Word believes that the real choice every female should make is to refuse to allow any male to stick his penis inside her unless she is prepared to accept the responsibilities of motherhood. Every male also has a choice. Rather than behaving themselves like roaming brute beasts, they can choose to keep their penises to themselves until they have become husbands and have the means to support a family.

Of course, the best choice anyone can make is repentance. When a person turns away from the god of this world and accepts the salvation provided by Jesus Christ, that person becomes a new creature who is unwilling to murder children as a way to please Satan.

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