SC Senator Larry Martin is NOT Pro Life (and he blocked the Personhood Bill)

**** UPDATE ****

The Anderson Independent Mail reports that immoral, despicable Upstate voters handed the corrupt RINO pro-abortion baby killer Larry Martin a hands-down victory over Conservative Rex Rice.


DO NOT VOTE until you learn more about South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin. This man is a Republican from Pickens, but he has been rejected by the SC Tea Party and has failed to establish ANY pro-life credentials.

Gimme a Sign! Gimme a Sign!

Today, one person (seen in the photo) standing on the corner of US 123 and Prince Perry Rd in Easley (opposite Rock Springs Baptist Church) silently told departing Sunday-morning churchgoers and the rest of the world the truth about Larry Martin.

Did you know that Larry Martin is NOT pro life and that he shot down the Personhood Bill?


Rex Rice for SC Senate District 2

Martin was endorsed by our RINO-establishment-Good Ol’ Boy- GOP Governor Nikki Haley, giving Truth in the Word and all Christians in South Carolina one more good reason to vote for his challenger, Rex Rice.

Larry Martin’s involvement in the Republican primary scandal is another good reason to vote for Rex Rice. In that scandal, Republican incumbents joined with the SC Republican machine to decertify dozens of primary results that favored challengers. Among those defrauded by the SC GOP was Rex Rice who was tossed in favor of loser Larry Martin. Rice, however, became one of several challengers to mount a successful petition campaign to earn a position on the general-election ballot.


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